Capetta makes and distributes the best Piedmont wines. Since 1953, experience, tradition and a boundless passion for the local territory have made Capetta one of the leading brands in modern quality-wine distribution, and a point of reference for people who want to experience and appreciate the extraordinary Piedmont winemaking heritage, in all of its most authentic and prestigious nuances.

Nature, technology and continuous innovation blend harmoniously with the pursuit of the highest quality and a family-run business model that, after three generations, continues to guarantee wines that are always pleasant and expressive: great traditional wines of Piedmont.





"Respect, patience, and gentleness: these are the key words that guide our work in the cellar. Each wine has a personality that must be understood, respected, and knowingly guided towards its natural manifestation
Technology that ensures quality


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"We believe that wine is the greatest expression of the territory, and that it is the first, authentic approach to a rich and generous land like that of Piedmont. Not an elitist wine, but rather a sincere wine that is capable of striking a chord and being understood, one that may be shared with joy".




Good wines that are never unsociable. Wines that are accessible, and not elitist. Wines that convey to everyone the beauty and goodness of one of the most beautiful lands in the world. Capetta wines are for everyone and everyone can come closer to discovering Piedmont through its labels. These are candid, sincere wines to be shared with the certainty of a quality product that bring joy to the table at memorable moments.

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